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2022 Work Requirements

2022 Work Requirements.png

Year End Highpoint Award 

Regardless of your membership type, all riders that would like to receive year end highpoint or honorable  mention need to work two hours at each show they ride in. All children that can ride on their own also must  complete 2 hours at each show they ride at. Please contact Kirstin Whitmore if you would like to be assigned  to a work area at a show. 


Cleanups are not required for any year end awards but as always it is very helpful to come to meetings to share  your ideas and to help cleanup your club! Cleanup hours can be recorded and do count toward work awards. 

Recording Hours for Highpoint and Work Awards 

To log your hours, enter them on the google form that Crystal Moldenhauer has created and will send out  before each show. Write in your name, the areas you worked, the start and stop times, and the total number of  hours. If you are unable to log your hours the day of the show, you must enter them within a week of the  show. If you do not work a show, you will not receive your points for that show toward year end highpoint. If  you have a medical or work emergency that forces you to leave a show before completing your hours, you  must contact Crystal within a week after the show with this information. You will need to make up your 2 work  hours at the next show for a total of 4 hours worked at the next show.


If you are unable to log your hours on  the google sheet on your own, contact Crystal within a week of the show and she will enter them for you.


No  hours can be logged after 1 week from the show except if medical or other emergencies prevented you from logging your hours. If you do not log or report your hours to Crystal within a week of the event, it will result in  a forfeit of your year end points and work hours for that show.