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Silver Buckle Saddle Club

Our History

Where Friends Gather

Since 1964

Silver Buckle Saddle Club was founded in Plymouth, MN in 1964. Back then, Plymouth looked very different. It was horse country, and many of the members rode their horses across farmer’s fields to the saddle club grounds. 

By 1973, Plymouth was transformed into a suburb and the saddle club was forced to relocate to the northwest corner of Plymouth, it's current location on Chankahda Trail (formerly County Rd 47). This land was owned by Silver Buckle's founding father, Harlan Peterson. Harlan and the rest of the membership built the beautiful outdoor arena that has hosted their horse shows for the last 50 years.  

Our Purpose

Silver Buckle hosts WSCA shows, PEWC & NBHA barrel races, annual trail rides, and other special events for their members. The saddle club also partners with Hennepin Hoofbeats 4H club to provide a safe arena for the club to host horse shows and mounted meetings.

Silver Buckle’s Future

Over the past several years, the surrounding farmland and hobby farms were replaced by suburban neighborhoods. Silver Buckle is one of the last pieces of rural land in Plymouth, MN. We know our time at the beautiful Plymouth arena is limited. For the last decade, Silver Buckle’s property taxes have exceeded $9,500 each year. We paid this high annual tax by exercising all fundraising efforts. Thanks to generous sponsors, a supportive horse community, and strong turnouts at horse shows and jackpots our club has prevailed!

The membership decided that when an acceptable offer is presented, we will sell the Plymouth grounds and, once again, relocate. Silver Buckle will buy a new lot, build an arena, and once again serve our horse community. Our membership is dedicated to the club. We made wonderful memories and friendships in Plymouth, and look forward to even more in our future location. Silver Buckle Saddle Club will always be where friends gather.  


SBSC's Move

Our time in Plymouth and where to next

With developments moving closer each year, Silver Buckle's membership is aware that our stay in Plymouth is nearing to a close. There is a planning committee of Silver Buckle members who are actively working with potential buyers as well as possible land to move the club to, but Silver Buckle has moved ahead and scheduled the 2024 season. Currently the ideal location to move to would be in the Corcoran area, the town west of Silver Buckle's current grounds. The countless memories and friends made at Silver Buckle will never be forgotten, but Silver Buckle is excited for new opportunities and a new beginning!

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